What is Transition Whatcom?

We are a lot of people who have joined together to build "resilience" in Whatcom County. This means we do all kinds of things to make sure that- no matter what happens- our families, our neighborhoods, and our towns will be able to meet basic needs like food and warm shelter in the future.

ALSO, while we are building resilience, we really rejoice in the friendships we are making, and find satisfaction in making our communities more secure. We are happy knowing we are making a better future for our children and grandchildren. In other words- we focus on the positive and find joy in doing this important work.

Why Transition?

For some very good reasons! Mostly, we are concerned that oil - which we all depend on for everything from fuel to clothing to heating to medicine - may not be as plentiful or easy to get in the future, and that it's likely to cost a lot more.

Many "Transitioners" are concerned about the impact of burning fossil fuels on our environment and climate.

Lots of people in Transition feel that the global and national economies, which depend on plenty of cheap energy, may continue to shrink.

All of these factors may affect our ability to get food from long distances, may cause our heating bills to be very high, and may make it much harder to get things that most of us take for granted right now.

What Does Transition Whatcom Do?

Well, we are busy people! Transitioners do a lot of different things...for example we help each other learn how to grow tomatoes, how to raise chickens, how to fix bikes, how to build solar food dehydrators from recycled materials, and how to insulate our houses. We get together sometimes to talk about how a future with a lot less energy might look and how it can be alarming when we realize that it might no be exactly what we had imagined!

We get out and meet our neighbors, and host potluck dinners. We encourage our leaders to think about how they can help plan for a secure future with less energy. We volunteer for projects that help our community be more self-reliant (like planting community and school gardens). We work with a lot of other organizations and people (like farmers), whose activities help build community resilience.

The EDAP: Another thing that makes Transition Whatcom different is that we are going to work with the whole community to prepare a Whatcom Energy Descent Action Pathway (EDAP). We want to know, "What kind of place do you want this to be in 20 years? What is most important to make sure our children and grandchildren have food, shelter, medical care and a happy life?" The answers will form this plan for the whole community- it will be our Road Map to a More Secure Future.

Who ARE these Transitioners?

  • Families
  • Farmers
  • Business Owners
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Elders
  • High Schoolers
  • Church Groups
  • Artists of All Kinds
  • Rich and Poor and Everything In Between

What Transition Whatcom is NOT!

  • Not a Survivalist Cult
  • Not Liberal or Conservative
  • Not a Political Action group
  • Not affiliated with any Religion or Political Persuasion
  • Not All Older People or Younger People
  • Not a Bunch of Doom and Gloomers!